Choosing the right paint colors can be challenging when deciding to paint ­­an interior room. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s the use of bold accent walls was all the rage. You could seldom visit a friend and see a bright yellow or brick red wall that was chosen for a remodel or new paint job. Another popular trend was Venetian textured walls, which adorned the walls of many chic spaces in the late 90’s. Today you will find inspirations using bright bold colors, mixed with traditional greys and taupe. But how do you decide what colors to choose for your space? You can get inspiration from home improvement shows, blogs, websites and magazines like HGTV, House Beautiful, Home Decor, ELLE Decor, and many more. Here are 3 practical tips to use when thinking about painting a room with a new color:

Consider your Decor: Unless you are planning to buy new furniture, you want your furniture to compliment the color of your walls. For example, if you have a royal blue couch, you will want to choose a color that compliments it, like a shade of yellow. More often than not though, if you have a bold couch, dining table, or other large pieces of furniture that is the center of attention, it’s safe to choose a wall color that is neutral, and then select accessories with your complimentary colors if you find that you cannot commit to a wall color.


Ambiance is Key: The interior paint colors that you select can impact the way that you, your family and guests feel when they are in the space. You may want a cozy homely feeling vs. a fresh peppy feeling to a room. Also, the architecture in the room should guide you in choosing the right paint color, as well as your own personality. For example, does your room have a lot of natural light? Does your home have an industrial feel or traditional feel? How do you want people to feel in the space? All these considerations should guide you throughout the painting process.
When in Doubt Remain Neutral: Choosing to paint or remodel your home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. As mentioned above in number 1, you can choose a more neutral color and accent with pops of color to give personality, to a room. This is often the safest bet if you find yourself getting anxiety about choosing a paint color. Another option is to find professionals. Take photos of your space, and some images of rooms you like, and visit any Benjamin Moore or paint store to get a consultation.  

Some classic neutrals to consider are:


Neutral Paint Colors

by Benjamin Moore

Smoked Oyster

White Opulence

Dreamy Cloud

Peau de Soie


Chatsworth Cream

Excalibur Gray

By following these guidelines you will have a better experience when choosing paint colors for your home. Of course your interior home painter can also work with experts to find the perfect match for you and your home.