There are several reasons why you should do your homework before hiring a contractor. No matter how small the project you should spend a little time researching a painter or remodeler in the Greater Louisville area. Here are Chucks top five things to consider before you hire someone to work on your home:

1 Referrals, referrals, referrals!

There are hundreds of painters in the greater Louisville area, and a lot of contractors. Yet, not as many have a solid customer base and reputation. The power of a referral is what has made companies like Angie’s List, Yelp, and CNet so successful. Past customers don’t hold back when rating a product or service, which gives prospective customers an inside look into what they can expect when they work with a company. Make sure to ask for recent customer referrals from any company that you will be working with. Testimonials are great, so make sure to check websites and ask if you can contact past customers if possible.

2 Make sure they are licensed/certified and insured.

When you choose a painter or contractor in Louisville, Kentucky make sure that they are certified or licensed to complete the project that you are requesting. Most states require that contractors pass some licensing requirements. This helps homeowners by screening out dishonest contractors that may not be qualified to complete a project. If your contractor is licensed, this the first indication that they are qualified to complete the project that you requesting. As a licensed contractor in the city of Louisville, Chuck Rader has all necessary coverage including a commercial general liability insurance policy, which covers your home in the event of any damages during a project.

3Be weary of cash only contractors.

If you work with a contractor and they insist that they only accept cash payments, this could be an indication that they are not licensed to operate in the state/city. Definitely do no give a contractor payment upfront for any project. Down payment are more common, but full payment upfront is a red flag.Chuck Rader accepts various forms of payment for completed projects.

4 Verify the location and business address of your contractor.

Make sure that any remodeler or painter your select in the Greater Louisville area has a physical location. A location can be an indication of the longevity of company. Chuck Rader has a location on the East end of Louisville at 3600 Chamberlain Lane, Louisville, Kentucky.

5 Does your contractor have experience in the specific project?

By asking for references, and also whether the company is licensed to perform the work you will be able to determine whether they have experience to complete your project. More important than the experience is the quality of the work, so make sure you ask for references. For a quick glance of what Chuck Rader customers are saying read our testimonials.